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Deanna Ashford has been writing and telling stories since she was a young child. In her teenage years she and a friend would write stories and scripts for their favourite TV shows. She then graduated to writing short stories for her school magazine. She joined the NHS to train as a Medical Laboratory Technician, eventually specialising in Bacteriology. Working and studying in the evenings left little time for writing and it wasn't until after she was married and her two children were teenagers that that she thought about her writing again. 


She started honing her skills by writing stories and articles for science fiction Fanzines. She submitted manuscripts to a number of agents and then one pointed out she wrote sex scenes very well and suggested she thought of submitting to Virgin Books who had just started Black Lace, an imprint which specialised in erotic fiction for women written by women. She submitted her manuscript Savage Surrender, and that was the start of her writing career.

Deanna loves to transport her readers to different places and times. She enjoys writing erotic romances because in her youth she was always frustrated by the fact that the action stopped stopped at the bedroom door and passionate sex, which is the mainstay of romantic fiction was often summed up in a few brief words. She believes that her readers want to be entertained by books with well rounded characters and interesting plots, topped off by titillating and erotic sexual encounters.  

When she writes it is almost as if she is seeing a movie in her head, and often as the plot expands the characters take on a life of their own and lead her down paths she had no intention of exploring. She cares for some of her characters a lot and plans to revisit them and continue their respective stories in future books. She lives in the Cotswolds, with her husband, close to her first grandson who arrived at the start of the Covid pandemic. Now she splits her time between helping to take care of him and writing, so she could not be happier.


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