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My great love is writing. I concentrate mostly on historical and fantasy erotic romance. Only once so far have I ventured into the realms of the present because I find the past, and the places I create from my imagination far more fascinating than the world I inhabit. 

I am an avid reader of all types of fiction and non fiction, and I love to be transported to different places and times. So far I have concentrated on erotic romance. I was drawn to writing in this genre because, when I was younger, I used to be frustrated when the action stopped at the bedroom door . Often a passionate sexual encounter, which for me is the mainstay of romantic fiction, was often summed up in a few brief words.

Times have changed and most people are far more broadminded. Many readers want to be entertained by a book with well-rounded characters and an interesting plot, along with titillating and passionate sexual encounters. Personally I do not enjoy erotic romances that have barely any plot or character development.

Savage Kingdom was my first published book. It charts the tale of a young woman, Rianna, who is the daughter of Gerek, the Protector and ruler of the mythical land of Harn. Rianna's mother was Kitara, a warrior from Freygard, a land where women rule and all men are slaves. Her mother is dead but Rianna has inherited her stubborn spirit, and she is not happy when her father informs her he has arranged a political marriage for her with Lord Sarin, the ruler of Percheron - a much larger kingdom to the south of Harn.

Rianna objects to the betrothal, but is forced to comply with her father's demands. She travels to Percheron accompanied by Lord Sarin's soldiers. She discovers that they are also escorting an important prisoner - Tarn of Kabra, who led an insurrection against Lord Sarin. When the prisoner is wounded during an altercation with his guards Rianna, who has some medical knowledge, is asked to help care for him. As the journey continues she falls in love with him and is determined to find a way to help Tarn.

When she arrives in Percheron she realises it will not be easy. Lord Sarin appears charming, but he is a ruthless ruler, has a hareem of women and lives a life of sensual indulgence. Not only does he desire Rianna, he also plans to make Tarn his pleasure slave. 

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